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The European Consortium of the Organic-Based Fertilizer Industry (ECOFI) is the representative voice of European producers of organic fertilizers, organo-mineral fertilizers and organic soil improvers. ECOFI promotes the contribution made by the organic-based fertilizers sector to the emergence of a knowledge-intensive, environmentally sustainable and high-employment economy in Europe. ECOFI was founded in March 2014 by 12 innovative companies who are deeply committed to the development of organic-based fertilizing technologies that support sustainable models of agricultural productivity, social cohesion and economic growth. Members are active in most European countries and also export to, or are active in, many other countries, including the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Together, the membership accounts for roughly 60% of the European market in organic-based fertilizers, which is worth about 250 million euros. ECOFI membership is open to any European producer in the sector whose production fully ensures the upstream traceability and the origin of raw material components. Relevant associations and other organizations are eligible to become affiliates.

Organic-based fertilizers

Organic-based fertilizers include organic fertilizers, organo-mineral fertilizers and organic soil improvers.

ECOFI defines these product categories as follows:

  • Organic fertilizer: a fertilizer whose main function is to provide nutrients under organic forms from organic materials of plant and/or animal origin.
  • Organo-mineral fertilizer: a complex fertilizer obtained by industrial co-formulation of one or more inorganic fertilizers with one or more organic fertilizers and/or organic soil improvers into solid forms (with the exception of dry mixes) or liquids.
  • Organic soil improver: a soil improver containing carbonaceous materials of plant and/or animal origin, whose main function is to maintain or increase the soil organic matter content.

Our vision

The organic-based fertilizers sector has both a long history of providing sustainable solutions to the challenges facing agricultural production, as well as a promising future in further developing the innovative technologies that will accelerate economic development.

Today, we are actively engaged in meeting the challenges inherent in Europe 2020, the EU’s ambitious strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. We envisage a future in which we will play an increasingly significant role in supporting and implementing the targets set out in the European Commission’s growth strategy:

Cherry tree in blossom - Courtesy of SCAMSmart growth – for an economy based on research, knowledge and innovation. Our members are part of a research-based, knowledge-intensive and innovation-driven sector that is pioneering solutions to challenges throughout the value chain in agriculture, food and nutrition.

Sustainable growth – for a resource-efficient, greener and more competitive economy. The materials that compose organic-based fertilizers, the beneficial natural processes they generate, and the ways in which they are produced contribute to the sustainable, resource-efficient and low-carbon economy that Europe is committed to building.

Inclusive growth – for a high-employment economy with social and territorial cohesion. The organic-based fertilizers industry generates local employment opportunities and regional economic development across both rural and urban areas, nurturing more vibrant manufacturing and farming communities.

In fostering research and innovation that is already delivering sustainable solutions to some of the major social, environmental and economic challenges we face, the organic-based fertilizers sector is set to make a substantial contribution to a smart, sustainable and inclusive European economy.