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ECOFI elects new Board member and devises strategy for 2023

December 15, 2022 by Jessica Fitch

The ECOFI General Assembly brought ECOFI members together, both in-person and online in Brussels, for a hybrid General Assembly on 1 December.

ECOFI members took stock of some of the outcomes achieved in 2022, including a 50% increase in ECOFI membership in just one year; as well as enhanced recognition from EU institutions as the voice of the organic-based fertiliser (OBF) industry in Europe, and growing public and political awareness of the potential contributions OBFs have to offer. That goes for the current crisis relating to fertiliser supply and accessibility in Europe, as well as achieving the EU’s vision of a transition to a more sustainable food chain and smart circular farming.

ECOFI members also devised a workplan for 2023, in line with the ECOFI Board’s vision for 2023 and beyond, as well as discussing key advocacy themes and objectives in the context of an Advocacy Action plan for OBFs and ECOFI to be rolled out in 2023, including with several events starting with SOFIE2.

ECOFI also elected a new Board member, to accompany President Chiara Manoli and Vice-President Quentin Protsenko, in the implementation of their vision. Replacing Leonie Boller from Ductor, the member which had held the seat for the past two years, Marion Martinez was elected by ECOFI members after outlining her rich 20 years of experience in marketing, advocacy and grower outreach. Marion’s expertise will complement the other ECOFI Board members’ focus on regulatory issues, marking a new foray into more ambitious advocacy activities and objectives for ECOFI in 2023 and beyond.

If you would like to join ECOFI to be part of the conversation – whether it is on technical discussions around the regulation of animal by-products in organic-based fertilising products or the contributions our industry can make to high-level EU policy ambitions – get in touch today!

Stay tuned for more developments on ECOFI news and events.