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Who we are

ABOUT ECOFI - Who we are - circle of grain stalksThe European Consortium of the Organic-Based Fertilizers Industry (ECOFI) was founded in March 2014 to provide producers of organic fertilizers, organo-mineral fertilizers and organic soil improvers with a representative voice at the European level. ECOFI advocates a European regulatory framework that recognizes the significant role that organic-based fertilizing technologies play in the development of sustainable models of agricultural productivity, social cohesion and economic growth.

ECOFI membership is open to European producers in the sector whose production fully ensures the upstream traceability and the origin of raw material components. Relevant associations and other organizations are eligible to become affiliates.

ECOFI is listed in the European Transparency Register.

ECOFI provides:

  • A strong collective voice for the organic-based fertilizers sector in Europe;
  • Information and expertise on the specificities of organic-based fertilizers to European authorities and other relevant stakeholders;
  • A platform for producers of organic-based fertilizers to discuss points of common interest relating to, but not limited to, technical questions, regulatory issues, public and stakeholder relations and other non-commercial matters;
  • Information about the sector that is relevant for the public policy makers and the general public.