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Representatives to the European Commission

In addition to the board, ECOFI has two representatives to the European Commission’s Fertilisers Working Group, organised by DG GROW.



Chiara Manoli is responsible for product registration and organic certification at Ilsa SpA (Italy), where she has been employed as a researcher since 2012. Her work has increasingly focused on regulatory affairs, and she has been actively following the development of the draft EU regulation on fertilising products for the past four years. She has been attending the European Commission’s Fertilizer Working Group meetings as an ECOFI representative since March 2014.

Previously, she collaborated with ILSA on a project to develop new enhanced efficiency organo-mineral fertilisers, which developed her skills evaluating new fertilizer prototypes, in particular laboratory tests regarding the fate and behaviour of nitrogen in controlled environments. In 2010 she obtained the master’s degree in Agricultural Science and Technology at the University of Padova (Italy).


Quentin Protsenko has been working since 2016 as a regulatory manager at FRAYSSINET, French producer of organic and organo-mineral fertilizer, soil improver and biostimulants. He is responsible for product registration and export development and is also actively involved in French and European standardization on fertilizer products. FRAYSSINET products combine tradition, research and technology to meet the expectations of tomorrow’s agriculture: quality, safety and sustainability in respect of circular economy principles.

Previously he was the technical and regulatory affairs manager at UPJ, the French sector association of plant care products for gardeners and green spaces. He provided support to companies and helped for a fair transition to more sustainable and healthier products following the ban on chemical plant protection products in this sector. He also managed the development of a website and phone app called « La clinique des plantes » to help amateur gardeners deal with their plant diseases.

In 2012, he obtained a master’s degree in Plant Technology and Specialty Crops at the University of Angers (France).

He has been attending the European Commission’s Fertilizer Working Group meetings as an ECOFI representative since January 2019.