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As of December 2016, ECOFI’s members named the new Board of Directors. Their mandate ends in December 2017 and is currently renewable, with elections taking place at the end of each calendar year.


Felice Lo Faso_croppedPresident

In January 2015, Felice Lo Faso was appointed CEO of S.C.A.M. S.p.A., an Italian producer and marketer of organo-mineral and specialty fertilizing products (i.e.: biostimulants) and a formulator of crop protection products. S.C.A.M. is a toll producer of some products sold by third parties. S.C.A.M. products are offered as sustainable integrated solutions tailored to the demands of the high-quality food industry and top-quality crops.

Mr. Lo Faso became President of ECOFI in December 2016.

He has held several management positions in Italy and abroad in the agrochemical sector (crop protection and nutrition) and has worked on every continent. His business experience over the past 20 years includes establishing new industrial joint ventures in Asia, synthesis/production of active ingredients, formulation, project evaluation and management, plant setup and operations, as well as management of commercial, marketing, and regulatory affairs.



Luc Frayssinet holds the position of President since 1995 at Group FRAYSSINET and manages the company with his brother Thierry.

He joined the family business in 1980. Today Group FRAYSSINET is the leader in the French specialty fertilizer sector, with a wide range of organic fertilizers, biostimulants and liquid fertilizers. Group FRAYSSINET has ISO 9001 certification since 2005 and ISO 26000 since 2015.

Mr. Frayssinet has served as Vice-President of ECOFI since the Consortium was founded.


Olivier Derome has been President of SOPROPECHE Group since 1995, after having served many years on the Board.

The Derome Family has been in organic fertilizers since 1860 with a constant focus on promoting, innovating, investing and developing specialty organic fertilizers to improve present and future agriculture. He represents the 5th generation improving organic agriculture through the use of the double-effect seed drill, intercropping, crop rotations, soil biological fertility and biodiversity.

He has held several management positions in companies specialized in soil, feed and food nutrition. For more than 10 years, he was President of EFAPIT (European Federation of Animal Proteins Importers and Traders) and has a wide experience working with European authorities and regulatory issues.

Olivier Derome has an international approach to nutrition and fertilizers, having several offices and subsidiaries in many countries worldwide.

Mr. Derome has served as ECOFI Board member since December 2016.