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How we work

Pooled expertise

ECOFI represents producers of organic-based fertilizers to the European institutions and other organizations by applying the collective intellectual resources of its members to the achievement of shared goals. Experts from our member companies share their technical knowledge and years of experience in the sector to foster internal consensus on key issues, develop common positions, prepare for legislative changes, and engage thoughtfully with decision-makers and other stakeholders. The issues we work on together include the development of a regulatory framework for organic-based fertilizers, questions about specific technologies or components, and the role our products play in evolving European policies on agriculture, sustainability and innovation.

ABOUT ECOFI - How we work - hands 2ECOFI has chosen not to establish any formal committees, task forces or other working groups at this stage, in order to keep operations as light, flexible and responsive to the evolving political and regulatory environment as possible. Members collaborate on key issues largely online, using a range of platforms facilitated by the secretariat, thereby minimizing the need for costly and time-consuming in-person meetings. All members are entitled to name as many representatives as they wish to the consortium. The appropriate experts from the member companies can then participate in all relevant conversations and work programs, depending on the nature of their expertise.

External representation

ECOFI actively participates in the Fertilisers Working Group (FWG) of DG Enterprise and its ad hoc sub-groups. We have elected a Representative to the FWG, who attends all meetings and ensures that the industry’s voice is heard on key issues.

Chiara Manoli Fertilisers Working Group Representative
Chiara Manoli
Regulatory Affairs Office, ILSA

A consultancy-based secretariat provides supporting services to ECOFI’s member experts and manages the digital collaboration tools that allow the consortium to work efficiently and cost-effectively.