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Women in organic-based fertilizers: profile of Laetitia Fourié

March 8, 2021 by Barbara Verplancken

In the day-to-day operations of the organic-based fertilizer industry, men and women of different cultures and backgrounds, work together to build a sustainable future for Europe and beyond.

ECOFI would like to take the opportunity of International Women’s Day to showcase key female industry leaders who dedicate their considerable expertise, effort and enthusiasm to the development of the organic-based fertiliser sector. As part of this initiative, we would like to introduce you to Laetitia Fourié from Angibaud.

Laetitia Fourié is a formulation chemist. She started to work in the PPP industry in 2008 as formulation department manager for a sub-contractor in Béziers (France). In 2014, she started to work for Angibaud as formulation, quality and regulatory manager. With this position, she was able to explore numerous aspects of the organic-based fertiliser industry, working close to the plant, being presented with manufacturing challenges related to the use of living organic matters, and helping to overcome them. She also discovered the regulatory aspects of this industry and was already in the industry when the first text of the Fertilising Product Regulation was issued.

Laetitia says: “My interest in defending our industry was born with this regulatory text. Naturally, my missions have been focused on these aspects since. Now, my time is dedicated exclusively to regulatory issues, by working on European and national texts which will impact us, by defending the interests of my company and all companies manufacturing organic-based fertilisers and by guaranteeing the conformity of our products to the multiple regulations which apply to them”.

We appreciate Laetitia for sharing her story with us, and we look forward to raising awareness of the importance of other women in the organic-based fertiliser industry!