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ECOFI elects new Board and sets out its plan for 2024!

December 22, 2023 by Aoife Bracken

ECOFI held their first fully in-person general assembly since COVID-19 on the 14th of December in Brussels. Here, they elected a new board, and as the consortium looks towards celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2024 members took stock of ECOFI’s achievements over the past decade and turned to look towards the future and began their planning for 2024 and beyond! 

ECOFI members voted to elect a new 5-person board to lead them into the new year. Marion Martinez (Yara International) continues her term on the ECOFI board for another year, and Chiara Manoli (ILSA SpA) and Quentin Protsenko (Frayssinet) were re-elected for a further two years following the end of their respective terms. They will all be joined by Nicolas Wilaume (ICL Group) and Aude Brion (Angibaud), who will round out our new board! As we look towards ECOFI’s 10th anniversary, we are thankful to have such an experienced and dedicated board in place to help us continue to shape the future of organic-based fertilisers in Europe! 

During our General Assembly, our members took the chance to look back over all of ECOFI’s achievements and work since its creation in 2014. This includes securing relevant product categories within the EU Fertilising Products Regulation for organic-based fertilisers and continuing to work closely with the European institutions on its implementation and improvement as seen in our status as Observer Members of the EU’s Commission Expert Group on Fertilising Products. The conversation then turned towards the future as our members began to work on outlining their vision for ECOFI into the future. This includes continuing our regulatory work – including working to promote the interests of the organic-based fertiliser industry in the evaluation of the EU’s Fertilising Products Regulation – as well as working to promote the benefits of organic-based fertilisers to key stakeholders such as farmers, food companies and policymakers!  

We can’t wait to begin working towards all our collective aspirations with the new board and all our members in the new year!   

As we come to the end of 2023 and look forward to our 10th anniversary next year, we are looking for more innovative and future-focused producers of organic-based fertilisers to join us! If your business’ production ensures the upstream traceability and the origin of raw material components, reach out to to join our organisation and help us shape the future of organic-based fertilisers in Europe!