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Since 1956, ILSA has provided farmers all around the world with products to improve crop yields. It produces and markets biostimulants and products with a specific actionorganic and organo-mineral fertilizerssolids and liquids. It has a full range of products, split over multiple lines, both for conventional and organic farming. Its mission is to meet the needs of an increasingly specialized agriculture and increasingly attention to the environmental sustainability. C.R.A. (Corporate Research Center), which has been active since 1976, in collaboration with the main Universities, confirms the will for continuous improvement and enables ILSA to remain at the top of the biotechnology industry for nutrition and biostimulation of plants.

To compete globally in the medium and long term, we have to innovate, meet the highest standards of safety and operate according to essential criteria for environmental sustainability. The company has some production facilities, two in Italy (Arzignano (Vicenza) ) and (Molfetta- (Bari) ) and two in Brazil (Porto Alegre). The production plants of the company are highly automated and unique of their kind because they are the only ones capable of producing modulated release solid organic fertilizers (a process called: FCH® Fully Controlled Hydrolysis) and liquid fertilizers with predetermined molecular weight in the production phase (process called: FCEH® Fully Controlled Enzymatic Hydrolysis). In addition to technologies FCH® e FCEH®, which generate nutrition products characterized by exclusive matrices AGROGEL® and GELAMIN®, and enzymatic hydrolized of Fabaceae of VIRIDEM® programme, the company has developed unique technologies to produce biostimulants products like SFE® – Supercritical Fluids Extraction. ILSA sells its products on Italian and foreign market, to industrial customers and a selected dealer network provided with a sales manager and a technical manager to address for task planning, operational management and result monitoring.

What we are is due to the effort, competence and passion of many people working to a two goals: “make ILSA a solid and credible company and to practise agriculture properly, respecting the relationship between human beings and the earth”. It is the result of continuous research, constant process and product innovation, respect, care and attention towards customers. Our solidity, credibility and will of continuous improvement allow us to compete worldwide and offer our customers real chances of economic and professional growth.

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