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ORGANAZOTO FERTILIZZANTI since the early 1970s, has been producing organic fertilizers, organ minerals, soil improvers and substrates and has pioneered the concepts of the circular economy that are very topical today.

We present ourselves as one of the main European producers, at the forefront in the research and production of natural fertilizers, made with the most innovative and effective organic animal and vegetable protein matrices. The mission of ORGANAZOTO FERTILIZZANTI is identified with respect for the environment and an ever greater sustainability of fertilization practices. Industrial and research activity is and will be increasingly directed towards products that can be used in sustainable agriculture with a low environmental impact but which guarantee the highest agronomic effectiveness in all crop conditions. The organic matrices used in the ORGANAZOTO plants are distinguished by the contents of fertilizing elements and organic carbon. The high presence of Organic Protein N of natural origin guarantees progressive and constant mineralization over time and is a guarantee of concrete production results. The selected organic matrices are combined, in the organo-mineral formulations, with mineral elements from the most qualified international producers.

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