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Spécialiste des fertilisations alternatives

A subsidiary of Véolia Propreté, Angibaud Derome & Spécialités has developed a wide range of fertilizers and expertise in the field over many years. Today, Angibaud Derome & Spécialités serves a variety of agricultural markets, providing organic-based fertilization, fertigation, and nutrition for banding or foliar application.

From high-yield agriculture to viticulture, arboriculture, market gardening, horticulture and green spaces, Angibaud Derome & Spécialités has a range of bespoke products. Angibaud Derome & Spécialités is supported by key brands (Angibaud & Spécialités and Derome et La Méditerranéenne) as well as a dedicated national sales network that is deeply attentive to the needs of distributors.

Angibaud Derome & Spécialités is also present in thirty countries. Committed to sustainable agriculture and other pivotal changes in agricultural practice, Angibaud Derome & Spécialités offers alternatives to wholly chemical fertlizers. Nearly 100 people now work with us.

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