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Yara joins ECOFI reflecting importance of organic-based fertilisers industry for the European Green Deal and sustainable food supplies

May 12, 2022 by Jessica Fitch

The European Organic-Based Fertiliser Industry is at a turning point in its long history. As the need for home-grown plant nutrition solutions rapidly grows in Europe just weeks before the new EU Fertilising Products Regulation (FPR) provides organic-based fertilising products with rules to access the EU Single Market for the first time, ECOFI welcomes Yara International as its newest member.

Due to high carbon content and the use of secondary raw materials, the organic-based fertiliser sector has a long history of providing sustainable solutions to the challenges facing agricultural production. The sector continues to invest in innovative technologies to help accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system in Europe. The contribution of organic-based fertilisers to integrated plant nutrition is particularly essential under current constraints of mineral fertiliser supplies.

Yara International has expanded its portfolio in recent years to include plant biostimulants and organic-based fertilisers. The global crop nutrition company is already offering organic fertilisers in Finland, Italy, Spain and the United-Kingdom. Yara’s broad stakeholder network and experience in advocacy will help ECOFI promote the benefits of integrated plant nutrition and uptake of refined organic-based fertilising products among European farmers for a more sustainable food system.

In line with Yara’s mission to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet, the company’s ambition is to serve all farmers – regardless of whether they practice conventional or organic agriculture, and to become a driver of sustainability in the food system. This mindset is in line with ECOFI’s ambitions.

Speaking on why Yara is joining ECOFI, Mehdi Saint-Andre, Vice-President for Organo-Based Business Development in Europe – Yara International, explains: “We are eager to contribute to shaping polices impacting organic-based fertilisers in Europe and to join a platform that is key to delivering on the EU Green Deal. Yara is committed to playing a bigger role in the farming sector and in contributing to the circular economy. Through our strategic partnerships, we are working to find the best ways to close nutrient loops.”

“We  develop new organic-based offerings at our research centres in Germany and Finland in order to integrate these into our portfolio, opening up new possibilities and helping farmers achieve optimal yields and improve crop quality with minimal environmental impact,” he adds.

Yara has deep knowledge of precision farming tools, crop nutrition solutions and the best nutrient management practices, which are applicable to both mineral fertilisers as well as organic and organo-based fertilisers. ECOFI members look forward to welcoming Yara International and other new recruits to their active work on promoting the use and benefits of organic-based fertilisers to farmers, food chain stakeholders, and policy-makers alike.

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