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New ECOFI leadership ramps up ambitions for organic-based fertilisers, key to delivering on the European Green Deal

February 4, 2022 by Jessica Fitch

ECOFI members elected a new President at the General Assembly 2021 and decided on ambitious objectives and milestones for 2022

Chiara Manoli (ILSA) has been elected the new President of ECOFI, replacing Quentin Protsenko (Frayssinet), who had held the position since 2018. Ms. Manoli has served as ECOFI Vice-President during that time and has been heavily involved in ECOFI’s activities since its beginnings in 2014. Well-versed in technical and regulatory dossiers relating to organic-based fertilisers (OBFs) and the new EU Fertilising Products Regulation, Chiara Manoli also brings a high-level strategic vision to the association going forward positioning OBFs as key to delivering sustainable and carbon-neutral food systems of the future.

Having concentrated on regulatory details during the elaboration of the new EU fertilising products regulation, which includes OBFs for the first time, ECOFI is now shifting its focus to improving advocacy and awareness around organic fertilisers once they gain access to the Single Market in July 2022. Organic-based fertilisers can help tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing global agriculture in the coming years, including improving yields while enhancing soil health and circularity, reducing nutrient losses and pollution, and helping farmers adapt to climate shocks.

Quentin Protsenko will take up the position of Vice-President of ECOFI, ensuring continuity on the Board and strong leadership in the future, continuing to lend his strategic vision and technical skills to the ECOFI Board. Mr. Protsenko will be accompanied by Leonie Boller (Ductor), as the second Vice-President, who will take over from previous Board member Thomas Mannheim for the rest of Ductor’s Board mandate which comes to an end at the ECOFI General Assembly 2022. Ms. Manoli and Mr. Protsenko will remain as President and Vice-President, respectively, until elections occur next year, end-2023.

This ECOFI Board will preside over an ambitious work plan for 2022, which includes three clear objectives for the association:

  1. Secure appropriate regulatory framework for all OBF components under Reg 1009/2019 and ensure timely access of OBFs to market in July 2022
  2. Ensure other regulations and frameworks that interact with Reg 1009/2019 are appropriate for all OBF products and their components
  3. Key stakeholders understand the benefits of OBFs and how they contribute to EU policy objectives

If you are a bona fide European producer of organic fertilisers, organo-mineral fertilisers, or organic soil improvers whose production fully ensures the upstream traceability and the origin of raw material components, and you would like to benefit from resources to help you capitalise on opportunities from the EU market; increase your options for suppliers and business partners, and shape policy-making across Europe, then request an ECOFI membership information package today.