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ECOFI members benefit from guide on submitting ABPs for authorised use in fertilising products and FPR end-point status

March 16, 2021 by Barbara Verplancken

ECOFI provides its members with detailed guidance on how to secure approval to use materials derived from animal by-products (ABPs) that are not already authorised for use as fertilisers under the Animal By-Product Regulation 142/2011.

This guidance explains key points related to ABPs in the new Fertilising Products Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 (FPR), such as:

  • The process and timeline for the Commission to assess the existing harmonised approved uses for elevation to end-points
  • How to submit a new ABP material/treatment process for consideration as a harmonized approved use and end-point
  • What data needs to be in a dossier
  • References for further information

If you would like to access this guide, which has been available to ECOFI members since August 2019) and other resources to help you place CE-marked products on the single market when the FPR is applied, join ECOFI today.

For more information on ECOFI’s position on Animal By-Products within the Fertilising Products Regulation, you can download our joint position with EBIC on the subject.

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