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ECOFI informs EU of Covid-related issues which could impact food supply and prices if not resolved

April 9, 2020 by Jessica Fitch

ECOFI has sent a letter to DG GROW, DG SANTE and DG AGRI informing them of Covid-related issues which have been flagged up by our members, and reminding them of the importance of fertilising products including organic-based fertilisers in keeping the food chain producing. This followed a direct request by the Commission for information on concrete problems and solutions relating to Covid-19 and its impact on the functioning of the food supply chain.

The letter was accompanied by a detailed Annex outlining each individual issue, potential impact and suggested solution. The two core issues highlighted were the lack of access to personal protective equipment for our companies’ workers and difficulties accessing transport for their products, as well as escalating transport costs.

The aim of the letter and annex was to warn the European Commission that disruptions of refined organic-based fertilisers and other fertilising products could have detrimental effects on the food supply within months, potentially reducing food supply and driving up prices just when Europe finds itself amid a post-pandemic recession. The key over-arching recommendation from ECOFI was that all agri-input industries should be considered essential sectors when authorities are determining which are strategic.